Student Policy


Music lessons for the school year will begin September and continue through June.  Acceptance of the student policy is a commitment for the entire year’s time slot and tuition, so please be considerate of this contract.


Illness and Covid-19

Please do not come or send your child when sick.  MASKS will be a continuing requirement this year put on prior to entering.

Clean hands

Hygiene is important in good health habits, so send your children with clean hands, or have them use sanitary wipes before they arrive. Please let them know nicely the importance of washing after using the toilet.

Cut nails

Short nails are mandatory to play correctly.

No shoes

Please keep all shoes and muddy socks outside the door.

No nose picking

Please inform your child about the importance of keeping the piano clean and not spreading germs. Tissues are always available.

Make-Up Lessons

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you, therefore no credit or pro-rates will be given. Should you be unable to attend, there is no guarantee another time will be available. My policy does not guarantee make-up lessons. With adequate notification, however, I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Exchanging with another student is preferred. Acceptable make-ups should be taken within two weeks of the missed lesson. No lessons can be carried over into summer. Your tuition is still the full amount. Please call ahead of the missed lesson.


To ensure optimal progress, students are expected to practice on a daily basis, at least five times per week. It is important to set aside a time when practice will be most effective. Please promote your student’s practice habits by eliminating distractions. Sit down and listen to your child’s lesson assignments as frequently as possible, offering praise and encouragement.