No lessons will take place during the following holidays and any snow or storm days when school is canceled. Please put these dates on your calendar.

Lessons will be held on all other days.  The school year for piano and cello begins September 7, 2023 and lasts until June 21, 2024, observing only the above holidays.

Summer lessons will begin July 1, 2024 lasting eight weeks through August 21, 2024.  Lessons will be in person as long as everyone observes wearing masks, just washed hands, and bathrooming prior to coming.   Do not come sick as lessons can be remote, and are optional to those that want on line lessons.


The 2024 recital will be Saturday, May 11th at 10:00 AM.  

Per forming students and families will receive pertinent information.

Please note that the annual recital is contingent on the status of post COVID-19 restrictions and is currently unknown.