Piano & Cello Lessons


  • Ages three-and-a-half and up

  • Adults welcome

  • Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour (depending on age)

  • Full school year’s registration is required

  • One lesson per week

  • 1 hour lessons are $170 per month

  • 45 minute lessons are $130 per month

Lessons Include

  • Sight-reading and note recognition

  • Theory and understanding of music construction

  • Technique and skills on the instrument

  • Rhythm and counting

  • Flexibility and fluidity in musical styles

  • Enjoyment of music and the instrument

  • Instruction is adapted to each student without neglecting basics


Monthly tuition is to be paid the first lesson of each month and no later than the 10th. A late fee of $10.00 per student will be charged for each week the tuition is not paid. Should you be unable to attend, please mail your check to avoid late fees. Lesson costs are pro-rated over the year.