Piano and Cello Lessons


  • Ages three-and-a-half and up.  Adults welcome!
  • Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour, depending on age.
  • Full school year’s registration is required.
  • One lesson per week:
    •  Hour lesson is $159 per month.
    • 45 minute lesson is $122 per month.

Lessons include

  • Sightreading and note recognition
  • Theory and understanding of music construction
  • Technique and skills on the instrument
  • Rhythm and counting
  • Flexibility and fluidity in musical styles
  • Enjoyment of music and the instrument
  • Instruction is adapted to each student without neglecting basics


 Term  Start Date  End Date
 Fall–Spring  9/6/2018 6/22/2019
Summer 7/1/2019 8/22/2019